Dog Factory 강아지팩토리

Our fourth day of vacation I was super excited. We only had one big thing on the docket, and as far as I had understood that was the only thing we had planned all day. But I was mistaken, I had forgotten that on our list of things to do was about 20+ different cafes.


The cafe that my friend wanted to go to had closed and in it’s place has sprung up the Dog Factory. So we went in, ordered some food, went upstairs and were instantly attacked by cute little lap dogs. None of the dogs at the Dog Factory were very big, all of them could easily fit on your lap, and most could easily fit in a purse.


A couple dogs had their fur dyes, like this one had two small blush marks.


We both ordered their oreo milk cake, which was somewhat decent but not that great. But along with our purchase they gave us bars of homemade soap. It was fun to play with the dogs, though we were both to tired to really run around with them or do much more then to pick them up and pet them. Unlike the cat cafe you could pick the dogs up here and we weren’t handed any rule book. Some of the dogs were a little devious. All they wanted to do was get up close to the table and near our food. But some of them were really sweet and just wanted to be held. It was fun and calming. The cafe was clean and neat and there wasn’t an entrance fee like at the cat cafe.

It also looked like they do grooming for dogs, petsitting for small dogs, and they sell dog treats and supplies.

This sweetheart was calm and just wanted to quietly sit on my lap and be petted.

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