Korean Delivery-수꾸도시락

When on our first day in Busan after a full day of travel (KTX doesn’t take long but it takes me a long time to get there) and exhausted from the heat and the uphill hike to our airbnb we crashed. We were starving, thirsty, and I didn’t want to move. We hadn’t really passed any restaurants or convenience stores on our way from the station and I wasn’t very interested in exploring in the heat. Nathalie mentioned she had an a food delivery app (Yogiyo) and that sounded amazing. So we scrolled through and did our best to google translate different foods and eventually settled on Japanese Bentos. Nathalie did her best to guess our airbnb address and we waited. And waited, and waited. Eventually she got a call and our poor delivery guy got lost. There was a lot of phone calls between the app company and the restaurant and the food we ordered at 4:40 got to us at 7:30. (The address was wrong)  It arrived cold but was delicious. Except the tea. We ordered 71 tea (cha) which turned out to be sort of barley esq and very bitter. In general with Yogiyo you should be able to order delivery without saying a word of Korean as long as you have the correct address.


We ordered their cheaper bentos. 돈까스  and  함박
A tonkatsu bento (which also included seafood) and a hamburger bento. They came with miso soup and rice. There was a lot of food, we had sides of egg, sweet potato, kimchi, and a salad.

The food was good and our delivery guy was friendly, we just struggled with the app a bit. I think the food would have been great if we’d eaten at the restaurant but we were drained. Delivery in South Korea is really cool. Pretty much any type of food can be delivered, even McDonalds. You can have it delivered anywhere. On the beach and want a burger? Just order it and they’ll come to you. We actually saw people getting food delivered to them on the beach. It just helps if you know more Korean then we did in that case. Sometimes they’ll also bring you real plates that you’ll have to put back outside for them to pick up.


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