Dalmaji Moontan Road 문탠로드

Nathalie was sent to Busan with a task from a coworker. To get stamps at Starbucks in Busan in a Starbucks book. Maybe I don’t go to Starbucks often, I definably don’t in Korea, but I thought it was interesting that there was a stamp collecting going on a bit like a passport. When we tried to get one the previous day it was the wrong Starbucks and only two very specific ones gave out the stamp. So in the morning of our 2nd day (last day)  in Busan we called a taxi and headed out to this magical Starbucks. We didn’t have a clue where we were going we just assumed it was near everything else we had planned that day. But the taxi (which was the best one of the entire trip, our driver was awesome) went up this long winding steep hill lined with trees,  and it was gorgeous, we caught glimpses of the ocean through the trees  as we went.

We were dropped off in what seemed like a fun area and went in to get our free drinks (courtesy of Nathalie’s coworker) and the stamp and just relaxed for a bit.

dark chocolate, with chocolate chips, banana and ice cream drink with another banana on the side.
dark chocolate, with chocolate chips, banana and ice cream drink with another banana on the side

We noticed that a lot of people were taking cabs to the same area and heading off down paths. Determined to see what it was that was drawing people around we followed and found a beautiful pavillion, the Haewoljeong Pavilion specifically.  We were hoping for a view of the ocean from high up but instead got a view of the pines. We decided to follow a trail and see where it went and ended up on the Moontan road. It was beautiful, heavily shaded by trees but peaceful.


The Moontan road is suppose to be a beautiful place to see the moon. Specifically gorgeous if there’s a full moon that night. It’s known as one of the 8 greatest scenic spots in Korea.

Along our walk there was a spot where you could walk out and take photos. There was  an elderly man who took “professional photos” for you. Nathalie and I watched him help a group of girls take some really cool photos so she went up and asked him to take ours afterwards. And that was probably the worst and most awkward situation ever. He did, he took our photo, a lot of them, but he decided to do one pose, one awkward prom photo pose. So if you’re there, leave the guy alone and take your own photos, bring a selfie stick or ask some other person to take your photo.

The Moonstan road was probably my favorite part of our trip. We stumbled upon it by happenstance and it was lovely and cool since it was shaded by the trees and so close to the ocean. I wouldn’t want to hike up Moontan road in the heat of summer  but it’s an easy walk down and there are plenty of places to eat along the way.

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