Chef’s Kitchen カレー厨房


One of the only things I really wanted to do in Akihabara was eat some cheap curry bread. I spent hours looking for some place the internet kept saying was right next to the station but it wasn’t. Turns out that it had shut down or switched names and in it’s place popped up Chef’s kitchen カレー厨房. It’s right next to the Akihabara station. My friend pointed it out when she got out of work. Like the ramen restaurant it’s also a vending machine restaurant.

So I picked out the curry bread, paid for it and took my ticket up to one of the ladies working and sat down to wait. It’s only about 100 yen.


Maybe it’s because I was starving and had been wandering around for hours, but this was delicious and probably one of my favorite things that I ate while in Tokyo. It was cheap, kinda greasy but warm and the curry wasn’t too spicy. I wish I’d gotten more than one.


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