N Seoul Tower N 서울타워

A week or so after visiting my friend in Tokyo she came to visit me. Which was great yet horrifying all at the same time. Horrifying because she was getting in late and I live really far away so had no way to go pick her up or even check in that she had made it safely if she couldn’t find wifi. After a certain point public transportation stops running. Luckily she ran into a lot of really friendly people on her way to where I live who helped her find her way and to explore Seoul until she could find me, a day and a half later than planned.

One of the places she wanted to go was N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower. It was pretty easy to get to, we went to the Myeong-dong station and caught one of the Namsan Shuttle Buses that pick people up around the area to take them to the tower. It was a bit confusing at first since the bus stop didn’t have the information for the shuttle bus, but luckily we saw it before it left and got on board. The Shuttle buses are probably one of the few buses in Seoul that also do their announcements in English. There are a couple and each have a different route but stop and start at the base of the Tower. We took the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 5 which picks up near Myeong-dong station exit 3 every 15 minutes. It’s also a bit more expensive then normal bus fare, at about 950 won (or 850 won with a public transit card).

The tower is on top of Namsan Mountain. There is a cable car that goes up the mountain. But the bus drops you off at the foot of a path that goes up, at a very very steep incline. N Seoul Tower opened in the 1980’s to the public and is a broadcast antenna. At the base (after climbing up the hill) there are plenty of shops and places to take romantic photos before going into the tower or checking out the museum. We looked around a bit, took a few photos of the scenery before going up. The windows weren’t super clean but the view was still pretty nice.  It’s mostly marketed as a romantic spot, “a romantic island in the city”. Despite that it can still be fun to go to with friends or family. It’s also a spot where you can buy and send post cards.

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