Jamsil Baseball Stadium: Kia Tigers기아 타이거즈 vs Doosan Bears 두산 베어스

The second part of our field trip was to a baseball game. Since it was a field trip I assumed it was an early baseball game and we’d still get home by 4:40/5pm. It wasn’t. I’ve actually never been to a professional baseball game before, which is sad since I had plenty of opportunities to see the Cubs play in Chicago. I’ve just always thought baseball would be pretty boring, I’m not a huge sports fan. But at this baseball game I had a ton of fun.


Part of it was probably my students  and the other part was that Korean baseball games have cheerleaders and cheer coaches, so the whole crowd is constantly cheering and doing chants and it just seems to up the energy level. It was a lot of fun, especially since a couple of my students and one of the other teachers were hardcore Kia Tiger fans. We didn’t leave until probably 8 or 9 pm so the students could get some sleep before having to go to school the next morning, so we didn’t get to see the end of it, but it was pretty fun. Since were were there for a long time one of my coworkers ordered food and had it delivered to the stadium for all of us, but there are also restaurants around where you can get food to bring back to your seat.  It was pretty late for some of the little ones and a few fell asleep in their seats as the night progressed, but there were a lot of other schools there as well since they were recognizing elementary baseball teams before the game began.

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