Italy Mill 이태리방앗간

I went to visit Nathalie in Pyungnae Hopyeong and catch the final installment of the Hunger Games but before we saw the movie we stopped for lunch at one of the few pizza places Nathalie likes. Italy Mill is a more traditional pizza place in Korea, and has a somewhat fancy sophisticated air .


My friend ordered the house salad for us to share and we tried two different wines, one that to me tasted a lot like a mint lifesaver. Since I’m not a big fan of wine Nathalie ended up drinking both. Our meal also came with bread that was more like a tortilla, a dipping sauce, and pickled radish.

Our margarita pizza over a small candle to keep it warm.


Italy Mill is open from 11:30 am until 9:30 pm and is only closed on Sundays.

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