Thank u mom 땡큐 맘 치킨


Thank u mom is a chicken restaurant chain. They don’t serve fried chicken but baked chicken as well as pizza and salads. While there with a friend we ordered their honey garlic chicken and teriyaki chicken and family potatoes (which is a ton of fries/hash-browns that come in different types and shapes)

honey garlic chicken
honey garlic chicken
teriyaki chicken
teriyaki chicken


The tagline for Thank u Mom seems to be “Freshly Baked Biscuits from the Oven”, however there aren’t any biscuits on the menu, I believe it’s just the breading they use for their chicken. You essentially get a whole chicken. Luckily you can take your leftovers home. I had enough leftovers to last for two more meals. It was good, and despite their “No Oil” sign on the door still a bit greasy. Luckily there was a self serve station with pickled radishes that we demolished. I really liked that our chicken came with sweet potatoes. The specific Thank u Mom restaurant I went to was in Pyungnae HoPyung but there are more around Korea and they deliver.


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