Rancha Tearoom ร้านชา

In Bangkok I used a couple different apps to get around, where to eat and what to do. Google maps on my phone worked wonderfully. As long as when I was in wifi I had typed in the destination all I had to do was follow the route offline with my little blue dot, or just slowly make my way there with the little blue dot. It helped. I also used Tripadvisor for the first time. I used it to figure out where to eat and what was open. Mostly because everything nearby that wasn’t Thipsamai was hard to navigate. One of the places that came up was the Tea room, or Rancha, a little cafe/ tea room several blocks away and down a little alley way easily overlooked. On the wall was chalk art to point that down the alley way was a cute little modern cafe.


I went for an early dinner since the cafe closed before traditional dinner times. The cafe opened into a cozy room with a couch and some seating and two young women who welcomed me in English and smiles. I looked at the menu and decided to try the specials that were drawn on boards, a burger and an iced butterscotch latte. I walked further in and got a seat by glass windows where I watched cats walk past and kids playing games outside.


The burger was surprisingly messy and spicy, but filling. I probably shouldn’t have also ordered a scone. But I did with some jam. It was a peaceful dinner, cool, and with wifi.


It was my favorite spot that I ate at in Thailand and wish I’d gone back to try their other teas, or even another Thai iced tea.

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