Wat Saket The Temple of the Golden Mountวัดสระเกศราชวรมหาวิหาร

344 shuffling steps, monks, a stupa and a history of vultures eating the dead is the Golden Mount. Since the weather was cool and along my way back to the Chern Hostel I stopped by the Golden Mount. I was expecting it to be a long hike to the top, but it was more of gentle ascent in a circular motion towards the top interspersed with greenery, a cafe, and bells.


At the top there was wifi that didn’t quite work, a couple of buddha’s and then more stairs and the stupa. The view was nice and a great way to get a different look at Bangkok.


On the way down I passed a couple larger Buddha statues and some information about the vultures. Towards the end of the 18th century Wat Saket was where about 60,000 plague victims were dumped and vultures would complete a sky burial. However it seems now there are no longer any vultures in Thailand.


There is more to do on the grounds of Wat Saket, but I didn’t quite realize that until I had already left and was walking past some of the grounds and what looked like a really cool giant tree.

A lot of things online say that it’s free but I did end up paying 20 baht, I may have misunderstood and purchased a ticket for something else.


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