Seomun Night Market 대구 서문시장

My friend only really had one thing planned when I arrived and it was to go to Seomun Market. This market is usually open only during the day and hasn’t changed much other than growing bigger and bigger since the Joseon Dynasty. It’s major selling point is fabrics but other things can be found as well. The day I arrived in Daegu was the opening night of the Night Market.

Those curtains on the left are closed shops

It was pretty easy to reach from the subway by getting off at Seomunsijang Station and going out exit 1. It was even easier because there were tons of volunteers with signs and a remarkable amount of people all going the same way. At first as we wandered around looking at the few shops that were open it was just average busy. The type of annoying crowded level where you could still move around and breathe but still get pushed by impatient people. We only stopped in one shop and at one stand to buy iced tea that was delicious. It was pretty surprising that on opening night so many of the over 4,000 shops were closed or had tarps thrown over them. It wasn’t like we’d gotten there at midnight.


I’m not sure what happened, if it was because we were on the main street or because the few food vendors had huge long lines, or that there was a stage with a performance going on or all of the above but suddenly the crowd wasn’t average. It was a demented conga line. People pressed in lines going one way or the other single file because the other two sides were going the opposite direction. Once we reached the end of the road (the exit) we threw in the towel. It was too crowded, too hot, people were too pushy and at least half of all the shops were closed if not more. It was also the opening night, so maybe as the summer continues the night market will calm down. But I suggest eating before you go and possibly arriving early or just enjoying it during the day. Beyond the performance on the stage my friend said there wasn’t anything different to it then what it’s like during the day.


The nigth market will be every night from 7 until midnight. If you’re planning to do any shopping or snacking bring cash.

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