Suseong Lake 수성못

One of the local draws is Suseong Lake, a pretty lake to walk around at night and to just sort of enjoy the lake. We walked there, grabbed a warm drink and then proceeded to walk around the lake. It’s small enough that you can easily walk around the whole thing without getting to tired, and with the lights along the way it can be pretty. We watched lots of families running around and playing, made our way past several performers. They also host musical fountain shows, which we didn’t catch. The fountain shows are 30 minutes at night in May, August-Septemeber at 8 and 9 and in June and July at 8:30 or 9:30pm. During the day they’re in the afternoon at 1 and 4 for 40 minutes. We watched people renting duck boats to take out on the lake that had glowing bow ties and the creepyness of watching the small amusement park shut down, empty with music still playing and lights still up, then slowly shut down. The amusement park, Suseong land has a petting zoo, ice skating, bumper cars and a few kiddie rides and carnival games for families to enjoy. It’s mostly just really peaceful to walk around and take photos of and just enjoy nature.

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