Gangwon-do Provincial Flower Garden 강원도립화목원

Recently we’ve had a lot of field trips. One was a teachers only trip to Gangwon-do Provincial Flower Garden which is near Chuncheon on a very rainy day. I’d been told we’d be going on a picnic, but it seems that was a bit of a misunderstanding since we didn’t eat in the park at all.


We hovered around the enterance for awhile until we met up with our tour guide who walked us through most of the garden telling us about the different trees and plants grown there. It was all in Korean but I was still able to enjoy all of the plants growing and the peacefulness of the quiet garden. There was also some things that I could understand, like when he ripped bark off of a birch tree and had one of the other teachers set it on fire. The bark of birch trees can be super useful and due to their natural oils despite being in the rain it can still catch on fire. It was also at this point I learned that even teachers can be as bad as kids on field trips as a bunch of the teachers kept pulling off bark and setting it on fire behind our guide. Can’t take us anywhere.

100 year old tree

It costs about 1,000 won for admission.

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