Nolboo Restaurant 놀부

Across from Myungbo hall where we watched Jump was Nolboo Restaurant. A pretty big restaurant that we took up in it’s entirety. What we had was army stew or Budae Jjigae (부대찌개). It’s a type of hot pot with meat like spam, balony and hot dogs in it as well as veggies and tofu all cooked in a spicy brooth. Sometimes there’s also American cheese. It originated in the 50’s during the Korean War and was popular afterwards when food was scarce excpet for leftovers like spam from the U.S. Army bases.


It’s not my favorite because it’s spicy but it’s pretty popular and Nolboo does it well and our students loved it. Plus this one is right next to the theater and seems to have a decent amount of English around.

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