Scarecrow Donkasu 허수아비 돈까스

허수아비or the scarecrow is a place to get donkasu 돈까스 (korean style breaded pork or chicken cutlets). We were wandering around near the Seoul History Museum looking for some place to have lunch. For some reason almost everything other then Lotteria was closed. Only a few places were open and it was surprising because it was lunch time on a Saturday near a ton of museums. With the heat we really just wanted some place air conditioned. Originally we wanted to go to a chicken restaurant but it was closed, then an Italian restaurant which was also closed. We kept being out of luck until we just decided to go up to the second floor of a random building and see if Scarecrow was open. Luckily it was and it was air conditioned.


We waited to be seated which was wasn’t long because we’d probaly went in after the lunch rush. (Or everyone was smart and didn’t go out on such a hot day) We were brought ice cold barley tea -which I inhaled -and a little dish with sesame seeds in it. The menu was all in Korean but there were pictures so we could just point at what we wanted. For the most part their lunch sets all looked the same, so my friend ordered a regular set and I ordered a cheesy one hoping that I hadn’t just ordered expensive motzerella sticks in donkasu format.

Friend’s regular donkasu

The sets come with rice, miso soup, salad, kimchi, pickled garlic, spicy pickled veggies and pickled radish. When our food was brought out they showed us what we were suppose to do, taking a wooden pestle and grinding up the sesame seeds till it became a powder then mixing in brown sauce to dip our tonkatsu in. There was also a white sauce which was for the salad.


My cheesy tonkatsu had what looked like chunks of bell pepper mixed in it and there was meat so it wasn’t just cheese and breading. It was absolutely delicious if not too much food. It was a bit pricer but it was also a decent amount of food. My friend’s was about 9,000 won while my cheese donkasu was 12,000 won.

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