Keika Ramen 桂花ラーメン

After spending the afternoon with Emily I retrieved my suitcase from it’s locker and lugged it to Shibuya to sit near Hachikō and wait for my friend Ezzy to get off work. I didn’t have to wait too long and soon we were off in search of ramen, she’d received a list of suggestions from her boyfriend so I was hoping for a better experience then last years midnight greasy ramen shop. This time we went to Keika which has been around since 1955, a decent chain restaurant that specializes in thicker than average ramen noodles. I ordered their caramel ramen that one of the workers suggested from the vending machine and then headed upstairs to sit and wait.


I liked the broth and the noodles but the meat was melt in your mouth butter soft and I just couldn’t wrap my brain around that. It kept freaking me out, like shouldn’t I be chewing? What kind of sorcery is this? Except for the meat I enjoyed it. Though I know understand what people mean but melt in your mouth in terms of meat.

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