Bubbas 부바스

One of the things that made us worried in Gyeonju was that we wouldn’t find anywhere to eat and would spend our trip being regulars at the local 24 hour convience store perfecting instant ramen. Added to our worry caused by Chuseok was a sign at our hostel saying to eat before 9pm because all the restaurants close then. Which made us wandering around downtown Gyeonju after exploring mounds and trying to make plans at a cafe at 7:30/8pm a stressful hunt for food.

What we ended up learning on our panicked exploring of downtown Gyeonju is that whenever you’re looking for something specific you won’t find it or it will be closed. It was our bad luck the entire weekend. Luckily after about our 3rd loop around having decided Mom’s Touch just wasn’t an option we found Bubbas, open 24 hours and two floors with plenty of space. We studied their menu outside before shrugging and ducking in, my friend deciding on a margarita flatbread pizza and I went for a gorgonzola garlic flat breadwith some peach ice tea.


They had everything we wanted, decent wifi, bathrooms with toilet paper and soap, outlets for us to charge our phones, and a quiet atmosphere where we could sit far away from everyone else. My peach iced tea came with that small circular ice cubes that is arguably the best ice and my flatbread came with…honey?! Yeah garlic and cheese flatbread with honey. The honey took some of the bite out of the garlic and the combination oddly complimented each other. It wasn’t something I thought I would like. Garlic and honey. I like it. Now it wasn’t the best meal we had on our trip, and Bubbas seems to be a chain but it was great for our first panicked night in Gyeonju and better than going to Mom’s Touch or McDonalds.

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