All That Sweets 올댓스위츠

All That Sweets is a bakery in Seoul just a short walk from Namseong station exit one. I do not think I’ve seen a cuter bakery. The shop is small and cozy with limited seating and somewhat limited hours. They are open from 11am-6pm Wednesday through Saturday and closed on the other days of the week. We ended up at All That Sweets around 4pm on Saturday to settle in and read the all hanguel menu and decide what we wanted. Thankfully for us we had plenty of time because there was only one person working and after taking a groups order they would disappear into the back to make the adorable drinks. We ended up ordering four drinks to go, skipping on snacks since their display case was virtually empty.


I ordered a strawberry smoothie. Probably not the smartest things to order when it was snowing outside but they were why we were there, for cute drinks.

two strawberry smoothies, one chocolate drink and one iced coffee

The cute decorations tasted like Lucky Charm marshmallows, sweet and crunchy. It was delicious. I’d suggest going earlier in the day, closer to when they open so you can snag a table and have more options in cakes and cute macaroons.

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