Sokcho Terminal 속초시외버스터미널

Around lunch time on my teacher trip all of my coworkers filed off our bus except one other teacher and myself. I waved goodbye and our bus took us to Sokcho bus terminal where I requested a ticket for the next available bus from Sokcho to Dong Seoul (동서울), which is near Gangbyeon station in Seoul. I didn’t want to leave early, but while in Gyeongju for Chuseok my friend and I had booked tickets to a musical and a hotel for the night so I couldn’t stay with my co-workers. Sokcho Terminal was small and not particularly crowded, though not friendly to someone a bit lost and confused as to what was going on.

The workers were friendly but the people in line behind me were incredibly impatient, shoving their money through and demanding their ticket while I waited for mine to be printed. The bathroom was small and void of toilet paper or soap, which tends to be normal and there’s only one tiny traditional convenience store. The woman working was friendly and helpful, especially as I totally forgot all of my Korean numbers and she reiterated the price in English.

Our bus left at 2:30 and was crowded. I was lucky to have a window seat since the bus was incredibly hot. I spent the entire ride pressed against the cold foggy window, managing to stay somewhat cool. We stopped once for a rest stop but other than that it was just one long over 2 hour bus ride to Seoul.

It is important to note that there is another bus terminal in Sokcho, an express terminal which seems to be bigger. Our tickets were 17,300 won. There are also night express buses and those are a bit more expensive but less than 20,000 won. The station takes credit card so you don’t need to worry about cash. Plus the station is in the glitch so if you’re bored you can play Pokemon Go while you wait.

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