Butterfinger Pancakes 버터핑거 팬케익스

Waking up as a somewhat zombie on Sunday morning (due to stress and not getting enough sleep multiple nights in a row) I decided to pick some place for breakfast. We had checked into our hotel, braved our way around the fringes of that Saturday’s protest, and even managed to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the evening before which returned us to our hotel room at 2am. So being up at 9am seemed silly, but I had awoken wondering about breakfast and the thought wouldn’t let me sleep any longer. I decided on Butterfingers pancakes, specifically the location near the Apujeong Rodeo stop. I had been there before, sometime last year I believe, where I met Inge and Star for the first time and had brunch with Mika. But I had been late so my food was ordered, plain pancakes, good but not exciting. So when my friend awoke I dangled the idea of gingerbread pancakes and coffee in front of her and we were on our way without me even needing to find pictures.

Our wait was surprisingly short for a sunday at peak brunch time. It was rather shocking having both spent over 4 years in Chicago where being anywhere near a brunch place on the weekend between 9-1pm was an utter nightmare. We got the anti-social seats where we faced the window side by side rather which was fine, my peak of “find breakfast” energy was dwindling and my friend’s not-alive-until-coffee mode hadn’t been quenched with yet. We looked over both sides of the large menu. I knew I’d get pancakes but part of me was also hoping for some corned beef and hash only to not spot any. As expected my friend picked out their pecan gingerbread pancakes and a mocha. I settled on blueberry pancakes and after dying a little at the price of their Arizona ice tea (7,900 won! It’s 99 cents always in the USA) I picked their returned apple therapy latte. We also decided to split some spiced potatoes.


We were also asked what type of butter we wanted (I got their honey vanilla), preserve/jam (blueberries to go with the rest of my blueberries), and what type of syrup we wanted (original maple). The pancakes were good, a bit smaller than I had been expected and less than I had also expected. The apple therapy latte was mostly foamy milk for about half of the drink and all the sweetness and sugar had sunk to the bottom hidden away with some baked apples that were delightful (my friend didn’t like that they had the peel on them still but I didn’t mind) The outer edge was odd, parts of it were sugary and cinnamon-y and other parts were salty. It was also messy. It wasn’t the cheapest meal. My latte was rather pricy, a painful 8,200 won and my pancakes were 7,200 won. My friend’s pecan gingerbread pancake was cheaper at about 6,400 won. But we were rather pleased with it and full at the end. They also serve burgers, eggs, waffles, milkshakes and a lot more. There are two locations and they tend to be open from 7am until 3am, daily.



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