Chungmu Art Hall- The Count of Monte Cristo 충무아트홀

I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for different musicals around Seoul, things I hadn’t realized there were musicals of, like: “Sherlock Holmes”, “Dracula”, “Dorian Gray”, and “Jekyll and Hyde”. So I was curious and looked around at different musicals currently showing was really happy to find “The Count of Monte Cristo”. I told my friend about it and after she realized one of the members of Vixx was in it she booked tickets for us to see his first performance before setting about reading the mammoth tome that is “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

Several weeks before we were planning to go see the musical my friend messaged me in utter excitement having finished the book. It was pleasing to learn that she loved it as much as I did to the point that she was excited to see the play no longer just because a member of Vixx was in it, that was now just an added bonus.

After having brunch at Butterfingers we made our way to the theater, trying to discuss what we thought they’d cut or change from the book. (They had to cut stuff, the books over 1000 pages long) We went to the matinee showing around 3pm.


The musical is all in Korean. It seems to be a tradition now, ever year going to watch a French book turned musical in Korean, last year was Les Mis at the Blue Square. My Korean is sub-par but I still find it greatly enjoyable. Knowing the plot of the story, having read the book (and most adaptations I can find) made it easier to follow along. There were changes that we liked and changes we didn’t like, but over all we really enjoyed the show.

Chungmu Art Hall is showing “The Count of Monte Cristo” in their Grand Theater. A decent sized theater with about 1255 seats and several levels. It’s a short walk from Dongademun History and Culture Park’s exit 2. There’s even a small cafe in the theater’s first floor to grab a bite to eat before the show. The musical is about 160 minutes with tickets anywhere from 50,000 won to 140,000 won and will be in Seoul until February 12, 2017.

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