Yangpyeong English Village 경기영어마을 양평캠프

A friend of mine lives out near Yongmun and works at an English Village. An English village is a bit like a summer camp, but it runs year-long. Students go on the weekends or a couple of days or even weeks. Essentially when the public schools are on vacation the English Villages are busy with students, of all ages and not always from Korea. At the village students are supposed to speak English all the time. Getting lunch in the cafeteria, English. Walking around, English. Play games or do arts and crafts in classes, English. Practically all the staff are foreigners too. It’s an English bubble.


Now why would it be of any interest to anyone not of a k-12 age? Well it happens to be where parts of the Korean dramas “Boys Over Flowers” and “City Hunter” were filmed. The English Village had admission fees for those who aren’t enrolled or work there so you can walk around and see stuff from the show. Although keep in mind that classes are going on and there is a high school (a bit like an English boarding school) with students in class.


It’s not within easy walking distance from the Yongmun train station, but you can get there via taxi and wander around the western like village. You may also recognize some of it from K-pop videos which are filmed there often.


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