That Luang ທາດຫຼວງ

That Luang is a golden stupa also known as the Great Stupa. It was built in 1566 of three levels that represent levels in Buddhism with over 1000 pounds of gold leaf covering it. Outside people with small wooden cages will try to sell you birds. It is considered good luck to let them go. Outside of the stupa is a statue of the king who had the stupa built, King Sethathirath.

Around the stupa are beautiful grounds and gardens free to access. Inside the grounds our group ran into a group of small school children on their way out of class, led away by monks. It costs 5,000 kip (60¢) to enter into the temple area and you must be dressed respectfully. We were not able to go up or in due to construction and I am unsure if you can even when it’s not under construction. But it’s rather beautiful to see up close.


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