National Taichung Theater 台中國家歌劇院

The National Taichung Theater was one of the next places we visited. We spent a lot of time wandering the first floor where pop up “lifestyle” shops had set up, selling all sorts of art, from artisan soaps and candies to housewares and stationary to showcasing hand painted saxophones.

We also explored our way around the different floors, one which had a restaurant/cafe, another full of more pop up shops,  and then the roof with a beautiful garden where students were taking graduation photos with their friends. There are so many spaces throughout the theater for stages as well, outdoors and indoors with a playhouse, outdoor stage, black box and grand theater, all of which give off different atmospheres.


They have a wide variety of shows: dance, opera, plays, to the philharmonic orchestras.


The National Taichung Theater is a beautiful place to visit even if you are not going to a show. The building is winding and curvy and full of nature, including a small stream that runs through the first floor.


The theater can be reaches easily via bus with its own bus stop and several others nearby. Buses 60, 69, 69(繞),75, 75(區2), 358, and 658 all go to the National Taichung Theater bus stop. It is open from 11:30-9:00 (Sunday through Thursday) and on holidays, Friday and Saturdays from 11:30-10pm.

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