Aladdin 알라딘

When I try to find books to read while in Korea I usually just go to What the Book, mostly because I’ve been tricked by spotting Kyobo so many times only to find that it’s not their bookstore but an insurance agency or something else. But while in Daejeon, after introducing me to ridiculously delicious pastries my friend showed me the bookstore chain Aladdin, which unlike Kyobo is only used things. Used books, used movies, used dvd’s, which makes for much cheaper than What the Book, who also does have used section but I always find myself in their non-used section.


Their selection changes depending on store and whose donating. There weren’t a lot of English books, but it was still nice to see that they weren’t very expensive. It was just nice to know it existed. Plus I love that they do sell new products that are very book nerdy, like totes, glasses, and magnets for things like “Pride and Prejudice”, and that their bags have authors on them.

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