Daejeon Arboretum 한밭수목원

The Daejeon Arboretum/ Grand Park is a beautiful spot to get a breath of fresh air. At first I wasn’t very impressed. We entered through a side entrance that took us through the woods and into the Arboretum where there was some plants, mostly flowering trees and special gardens which were blocked off and inaccessible. (We went on Children’s day) It was still pretty but it didn’t really call out to me. After all a lot of things were dead or overgrown which gave it more of an air of neglect than anything else.

We crowded around the quiet remnants of any sign of spring we saw as storm clouds rolled in. On the one hand it was nice that we didn’t have to deal with crowds, like cherry blossom insanity, but it gave the park this abandoned air.

Look! People! The world hadn’t ended.

That was until we crossed into a different section of the park.

There was so much more to look at. It was lovely and relaxing and looked like a great place to spend the day, especially with a picnic lunch, or even just to read a book. We didn’t even make a dent in the park, which is free by the way. There are three sections to the park; the east garden (Dongwon), the west garden (Seowon), and a tropical garden. The east garden and tropical garden are closed on Mondays and the west garden is closed on Tuesdays. The doors to the tropical garden were closed when we went past, including a bug exhibit that I really wanted to see (my friend was relieved that we couldn’t get in)

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