OK Burger 오케이 버거

After spending way too long deliberating on where to eat lunch I ended up at Ok Burger, a chain in Seoul, which boasted great onion rings and delicious JJ chicken (Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burgers). I went with Nathalie who ordered both while I ordered the Truffle burger and some regular fries with a Dr. Pepper.


All their burgers get a little brand on top with an Ok. My burger was a lot. A lot of onion, a lot of sauce, a little truffle. I realized I probably would have been happier with one of their regular burgers instead of one of their fancy ones. The burger without all the onions and sauce was good. Their fries were delicious and their ketchup tasted a bit unlike regular ketchup, a little tangy but great. As for their onion rings, they were greasy and oily and not quite the way I like them but they did something that greatly impressed me, when I bit into them I didn’t end up taking the whole onion with me. They were cooked properly and it was ridiculously satisfying to be able to take a bite and not have the whole thing fall apart. As for the JJ chicken, Nathalie said it’s nothing like the real stuff, wasn’t particularly spicy and is like a Koreanized version of Jamaican Jerk chicken.



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