Sláinte Irish Pub 슬란차

After checking into a hostel a friend and I wandered about to try to find some place nearby to eat and ended up spotting Sláinte a bit off the main road we were on. While I was drawn to it in hopes of shepherd pie we entered the small cozy pub and looked over their menu which did not have shepherds pie. One of the staff came over to help us with the menu, mostly pages of drinks and then a short page of food. We ordered their fish and chips and bangers and mash to share and then looked over the cocktail menu. The staff member came over and helped us pick out our drinks as well.

The food took awhile since it seemed that there was only one person working and we weren’t in a hurry. I also never tend to equate pubs with fast food.


We ordered cocktails and were brought pretzels to snack on.  I got an East Sea and my friend got a Blue Hawaiian. Both were pretty good. My East Sea was a bit sweeter then the Blue Hawaiian.

The bangers were interesting. There was something texturally strange about them, but they were good. The casing wasn’t obnoxiously chewy and the sides of mash and string beans were both great. The fish was soft and and most fried with smaller amounts of meat. The french fries were amazing and I pretty much inhaled those.

Overall I liked the pub. It was small, not particularly busy (we went after dinner time but before party time) and it had darts, regulars who were chilling quietly at the bar and a decent food menu that was filling. Plus the staff member working was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable in English about everything. Their bathroom is out in the hall between floors with an unmarked wooden door that is sort of unisex with two gendered stalls.

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