Camellia Hill 카멜리아힐

After our exploration of the Tea Museum and Innisfree’s Jeju House we grabbed a cab and went to Camellia Hill. This was because it would be faster than any other way. (Walking was estimated to take about 2 hours, a bus walking combo being 40 minutes and taking a taxi about 16 minutes).

Camellia Hill boasts 500 Camellia species, some of which are local and popular on the island (we found Camellia in both tea form and beauty form at our previous stops of the day). While most of the Camellia were not in bloom while we visited, plenty of other plants were, like hydrangeas. I’ve never seen so many hydrangea’s in bloom before, it was stunning.

It was very peaceful and beautiful to walk through. At the end though we were a bit at a loss as to how to get back to Jeju City, finding a bus stop nearby but unsure when the next bus was coming. We turned back and went to their ticket booth to ask for help. Since they were closing they came out and told us that the nearest bus stop wasn’t going to easily get us back to Jeju city and instead one of the staff got their car and drove us to a better bus stop, telling us which numbers to board. We were blown away by this and incredibly grateful.

Tickets to visit Camellia Hill is 7,000 won.

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