Hanboknam 한복남

I recently spent a busy weekend out and about with Nathalie, trying to fit as many tourist fun things into a video for her channel as possible. After a lot of misadventure we eventually ended up at Hanboknam, one of the many many many places to try on and rent hanbok near the palaces in Seoul. We picked Hanboknam because it was on the list of places included in the Discover Seoul Pass. This means with the pass you get to try on a hanbok and take photos for free and a discount if you want to go out and wear it around for the day.


Pricing without the card varies depending on how long you wish to rent the hanbok. Pricing goes as follows:

                          Basic Hanbok vs Character

1 hour 30 minutes                               10,000 won                    20,000 won

2 hours and 30 minutes                     15,000 won                    30,000 won

4 hours                                                  20,000 won                    40,000 won

1 day                                                      30,000 won                    50,000 won

Basic hanboks (traditional) are simpler in design with less color and detailing, especially in the skirt. While the character hanboks have a pattern and design in the skirt. The areas of the shop are marked, but I am not sure what this means for male hanboks. You can also ask for help from the people working to pick out an outfit.


You can also rent out a locker to put your stuff which you can rent for 1,000 won, which I suggest as a good place to put your bags and your clothes after you change. You can also rent a underskirt which is a bit like hoop skirt for about 2,000 won. Both of these are included with the card.


Other accessories range between 2,000 won and 3,000 won for rental.

Hanboknam also offers old school uniform rentals, professional photography photos and a cafe.

There are two Hanboknam shops in Bukchon. One is smaller with less size options but with more photo options while the other has bigger sizes and options. They are open around 09:30- 21:00 daily.

Note: Wearing a hanbok will allow you into the palaces in Seoul for free.


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