Cafe Mong’s까페 몽스

A friend and I went to Cafe Mong’s drawn in by their set menu. We both ordered Set A which includes half of a ham and cheese sandwich, sausage, bacon, egg scramble, baked potato wedges, salad and coffee or a soda. We switched it up a bit by buying some of their special drinks. I ordered their blue ocean soda and my friend ordered their rose strawberry soda.

The cafe was up a set of steep steps and was a bit small but with comfortable seats. They hadn’t turned on the air conditioning so for a while we just sat and sweated while we waited for our food. But then it began to rain and a breeze from outside the open windows cooled us down. The food was good, too much for me I would’ve been happy with about half of what I’d been given, or probably I should’ve just ordered a sandwich, but it was all good. The blue soda tasted a bit minty and a bit like lemonade. The restaurant/ cafe also serves pasta, sandwiches, paninis, pizza, salad, and a wide variety of drinks from basic tea and coffee to beer. Set A is 9,500 won, with a special soda it’s just a little bit more.


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