Bistopping 비스토핑

Bistopping is an ice cream shop near Sinsa, best known for their very photogenic ice cream.

Bitstopping works in three steps. First you pick out the type of ice cream you want.

  • Milk ice cream (3,500 won)
    • Soft serve
  • Yogurt (4,000 won)
    • Gelato
  • Chocolate (5,000 won)
    • Soft serve

Then you pick whether you want a cup or a cone. Basic is free, special decorated ones are 1,800 won. Tell them the number that matches the cone.

And lastly you pick your topping. Which is optional, you don’t have to have a topping, but when they’re this cute, why not?

You can pick a topping which they have a list of on a poster or cookie and chocolate topping which you pick specifically from a show case, and they will ask you specifically which one you want: color, shape, type. I.E. I picked a cactus and had to specify what color cactus and what color flowers I wanted on said cactus. You can even get a cookie that’s shaped like lips, like in the ice cream shown in Black Pink’s “마지막처럼” (As If It’s Your Last) video.

Then you pay and wait.


I picked a number 20 cone with chocolate soft serve and a shortbread cactus cookie. After hurrying to take some photos before it melted it was quite delicious. The Bitstopping shop has limited seating, a couple of tables outside and a few inside as well, it’s probably best to just get it and go due to the crowd size. The shop is open from 11am until 9:30 pm.


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