Chloris Tea Rooms 클로리스 티


Chloris Tea is a chain in Seoul. They serve tea, snacks and coffee in an European tea room atmosphere. I went to the one in COEX Mall which had high ceilings and chandeliers. I ordered an earl grey parfait while my friend ordered a coconut milk tea.


The parfait was a layer of shaved ice with earl grey ice cream, earl grey whipped cream and of course earl grey tea. It was good and sweet. I do wish they had other options beyond just earl grey for their parfait but they have an extensive tea menu and a variety of cake if you want a more traditional tea time. Note the one at Coex can get pretty crowded and when it gets busy it gets loud. Their other shops are in Hongdae, Sinchon, and Gangam. Sinchon was the first one to open and is their main branch.


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