Mt. Maebongsan Wind Turbines 매봉산 풍력발건단지

After the cave we headed deeper into the mountains, to Mt. Maebongsan which is part of the Taebaek mountains. We stopped part of the way up and transferred from our bus to a small shuttle bus up the mountain. Our driver talking to us in Korean about the wind turbine fields we were headed to see. (Sadly my Korean is nowhere near good enough to have understood any of it.)

We were dropped off at the start of the paths through fields of lush green cabbage. Sticking up amongst the fields of cabbage were tall wind turbines that are used for clean energy and happen to be some of the few ones in Korea. It was a fun place to wander around and take photos and the view of the mountains was lovely.  I’ve seen wind turbines before but I’ve never had an opportunity to be so close to them.

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