O2 Resort 오투리조트 스키장

Usually during our teacher trips we stay at a decent but small quiet pension. Some place where there may be other people but there isn’t a lot of other people, which made our stay at 02 resort ridiculously different. I ended up at the resort before a majority of my coworkers since one of my coworkers felt sick and we took her to the resort early so she could rest up. Which meant I got to join in at check in and explore before the rest of my coworkers arrived. We ended up in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment style room with a decent size living room/kitchen and a balcony with a stunning view of the mountains and rest of the resort.

While not the newest rooms it was still nice, with wifi and a TV. However we weren’t able to figure out (any of us, including other staff in other rooms) how to use the air conditioning, let alone find any air conditioning. Which meant we had the fan on until every one went to bed and then it turned off and we just left the balcony door open with the screen shut. I slept in the living room with 5 of my coworkers in traditional bedding. We had 8-9 people per room, which while doable was pushing it for the space. There weren’t any western beds and with the smaller size of one of the bedrooms I figured I’d at least be cooler in the more open space, which I was, barely.

The resort also included a CU convenience store, several floors of amenities including a noribang (singing room like karaoke), a cafe and several restaurants including the Korean restaurant we had breakfast at. And that was just what was in our building.

The resort seemed to be packed with conference guests and sports teams. The resort is popular in the winter for skiing and the rest of the year for golfing. We didn’t go near either, instead the majority of my coworkers enjoyed soju and the noribang. I opted to just relax at the cafe and have some tea in the evening so that I could try to get rid of my headache from sitting in the back of a bus for a long period of time.

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