Bread, Espresso & パンとエスプレッソと

Located next to the Premier Hotel -Cabin-Osaka is a small cafe and bakery open from 8am until 8pm. They offer a variety of “sets” though have a somewhat limited menu. (available in English) I ordered their french toast set which came with a drink, so I decided on apple juice which for some reason took forever to come out. (I was sure they forgot except for the fact I still had my number sitting in the window, which they did take after bringing me my juice)


The set was a warm egg-y toast (single slice of french toast) and a jar of honey which was fun to pour over the french toast. It wasn’t what I tend to think of when it comes to sets in Japan, which usually includes a lot of side dishes, like miso soup and rice, but this set was just french toast and a drink. It wasn’t bad, I enjoyed it and had a very peaceful morning sitting at the window watching it rain, but don’t expect a lot of side dishes with their sets, or any.

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