Ayam-ya 鳥そば

On a very rainy evening I met a friend for dinner at Ayam-ya. Ayam-ya is a Halal certified ramen restaurant. They offer several different types of ramen made with chicken with chicken meat and chicken broth. There are two floors for seating, the majority of which is upstairs. You order your food via a machine at the enterance with the favorites/most ordered items being at the top in big buttons. I ordered one of these suggested by one of the workers.


I ordered the noko tori ramen shio (820¥). Which is a chicken ramen with a salt flavor stock, the also have one that is soy based and spicy ramen. It was very filling and because my friend checked us in on social media eggs were added to our ramen. Though if you don’t want to do that you can add an egg through the vending machine. If you have any difficulty the staff speaks English and can help you out.

Open daily from 11:30-3pm and from 5pm-10pm. There is another branch in Kyoto.

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