Limburg Waffles 림벅와플


While staying in Seoul recently I decided to look for some sort of breakfast food before going about my day. I decided to try Limburg waffles. It turned out I’d actually been in the area before. Above Limburg waffles is the Made in Chicago pizza place I went to last fall and it’s right next to Deoksugung palace. Limburg waffles isn’t a sit down place, it’s only an order window. Thankfully they set up multiple heaters so you don’t freeze while waiting for your order. I ordered the maple syrup and cinnamon waffle (2,900 won) and an English breakfast milk tea (3,500 won).


It’s a snack sized Belgian waffle but it worked perfectly for what I wanted which was just a quick warm breakfast. And it turned out I was lucky and had my waffle right in time to walk across the street and eat it while watching the changing of the guards at the palace.


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