Myeong-dong Cathedral 서울 명동성당

I’ve been to Myeong-dong hundred’s of times and yet never realized that in the midst of all the chaos was a catholic church until I was looking up touristy things to do with a visiting friend. The church was built in 1898 and houses several bodies of martyrs and important people from the Korean Catholic faith. The outside was decorated with white roses that light up at night and the church was open for visitors, with two Christmas trees near the front. It’s a national historical site and with it’s brick Gothic style architecture it sticks out from many buildings in Korea. It also still holds regular mass in both Korean and English.


I would however warn that around the church are people with clipboards asking for signatures for various different petitions. Walking down the steps of the church as we were leaving we were trying to avoid them but they followed us down the steps till there wasn’t away to avoid them. It was awkward on several fronts, one being I’m not sure how tourists/non-Korean citizen’s signatures on a petition would actually be counted, but also that the topic they wanted signatures for was a polarizing and not something I agreed with them on. So after we understood what exactly the volunteer wanted we quickly excused ourselves and ran away.

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