Cafe Wednesday 카페수요일


While Aaron was visiting I really wanted to make sure he got to try traditional Korean tea, so after wandering around Insadong for a bit we decided on the Wednesday cafe. He ordered the 냉오미차자 omija iced tea (7,500 won) while I ordered the 수정과 cinnamon iced tea (7,500). We also ordered some tea snacks to split. We ended up with three individually packaged 약과 yakgwa which is a deep fried honey cookies and a tower of 유과 yugwa which is another deep fried treat only this one is light and hollow on the inside.


Our tea came in large bowls with ice cubes made up of the tea and pine nuts. We were given a tiny spoon in which to drink the tea which made the whole process a lot more time consuming. I ended up picking it up and drinking it from the bowl because Aaron was nearly done but I hadn’t even made a dent in mine. The cinnamon was good but it had a slight kick to it which meant I couldn’t drink it too fast even if I wanted to. Like a lot of cafes on the main street of Insadong Cafe Wednesday is on the second floor.

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