Schumann & 슈만 &

After dinner my friend and I decided to hang out at a cafe for a bit since she’d found several that she loves since I last visited Daegu. Due to the holiday however a couple of them were closed so we went for what she described as the “free bread cafe” which was thankfully still open.

The cafe is two floors with a main floor and a lower level, both filled with an eclectic collection of seating and decor. We ordered our drinks and decided to head down to the basement, but first we stopped at the bread corner.


It’s essentially a help yourself section of breads and pastries from the bakery next door. You can eat as much as you want and it doesn’t cost you anything except to buy a drink.

The lower level of the cafe is not open as late as the upper level so eventually a staff member google translated this information to us and motioned for us to move upstairs. (We’d figured this out and we’re already packing as a staff member had already come by to tell the other patrons in Korean about this, but I did appreciate the fact they wanted to make sure we weren’t being kicked out or anything.)

hot chocolate

Schumann & was a very peaceful cafe that had plenty of space for people who just wanted to sit in a quiet corner and work or large groups that wanted to hang out, even brightly light vanities if you just wanted to sit and reapply your make up or whatever else you might want a bright mirror for.

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