Design Art Fair 2018 디자인 아트 페어

One of the things my friend wanted to do while we were hanging out was to look at art. Sadly a lot of museums and galleries in Seoul are closed on Monday, but after some digging I found the Design Art Fair which happened from May 17th through the 26th, and thus would be open on the Monday we were all meeting. It was hosted at the Hangaram Arts Center Museum in Seoul and this was it’s 9th year.  It went beyond all of our expectations.

When we arrived we ended up on the lower level and were sent upstairs to buy tickets. Tickets were 10,000 won and the line to get in (not to buy tickets, but to go into the exhibit) spilled outside of the building. It was insane. There were three galleries for us to check out. (Gallery 1 and 2 which were connected, gallery 3 and gallery 7) The first, with the large line to get into was broken up into small sections where artists were allowed to decorate their space however they wanted and some went all out.

It was really cool to see, all the different types of art, from sunglasses, ceramics, paintings and miniature worlds. All the styles were different and fun, which made for a wonderful eclectic gallery. Some were selling their paintings and pieces for more than I could afford (but were definitely worth the asking price) while others were also selling smaller more affordable pieces or postcard prints of their work.  One of my friends bought some tiny cubes with art inside that she liked and I bought a notepad from 정유정 that I’m both excited to use but also don’t want to use because I like the art so much.

We ended up spending forever in the first gallery exploring. There was so much to look at and enjoy that when we were about half way through we realized we were going to run out of time. We were concerned that the other two galleries (we also thought there were more since for some reason there was a gallery called gallery 7, there’s no gallery 4,5, or 6) would be about the same size. Thankfully they were smaller. The next gallery we went into was mostly ceramics.

After the ceramics room we had to go down a floor and it was the final room which was bigger than gallery 3 with all of the ceramics but with the atmosphere was much different. This room was more of textiles, furniture, house hold goods and some wearable art as well. We did see a really cool ceramic speaker for you phone though.  I thought it was really cool.


Overall all of us were really impressed by the Design Fair. We never been in the area and it was just a nice day to wander around looking at art. A lot of the artists were around too which I thought was really cool. This event seems to happen yearly, so keep an eye out for it next year.

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