8b Dolce 에이트비 돌체

After going to the design art festival we wanted to finish the day at a cafe. Our original plan was a cafe too far away for our limited time left together so we quickly searched and found 8b Dolce, a cafe nearby with cute edible flower themed options.


One of the reasons we picked 8b Dolce was because my friend saw a picture of their flower bavarois and decided we must try it. Bavarois is a whipped cream and gelatin dessert, the one my friend got was mango flavored and had the consistency of mousse topped with a light Jello. It was very pretty with flowers and fruit inside the jello. It was good and a nice light dessert.


We also each got a drink all from sections of the menu saying they would include flowers. From left to right it’s a rose flower ade, citron frappe with popping boba, and a grapefruit flower ade. We all loved our drinks, however I’m the one who ordered the citron frappe with the popping boba (6,000 won) and was disappointed by the lack of flowers on my drink. It was in a flower frappe section, my assumption though after looking at promotional pictures of all their drinks is that they ran out of flowers, because it looks like maybe it’s suppose to come with some. It was good though.

8b Dolce is a chain with about 6 locations. The one we went to in Seocho is open from 9am until 11pm

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