Jukdo죽도- bamboo island

Our second day put us back on a boat, this time to go to Jukdo. We knew practically nothing about the island, other than a warning not to feed the gulls, a warning other people on the boat were not given or at least did not heed.

Jukdo is considered the island of bamboo but I think it should be more aptly named the island of stairs.


Every time we thought we reached the end of the stairs we’d turn and there’d be more, our breaks were steep inclines and in the heat it was a bit ridiculous. There is a rest stop eventually with a bathroom and a path that takes about 40+ minutes that you can continue the hike around the entire island, however the boat seems to only come once a day and you’d have to stay the night if you missed it. We didn’t have enough time to hike the whole island. But we did hike enough to get some beautiful views.

Prepare for the sun, pack water, a hat, sunscreen and a fan for this island and be prepared to do leg day.

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