DioDia 디오디아

Dio Dia is a restaurant I went to celebrate the end of my writing internship with Korvia. It’s an upscale buffet in Gangnam. We had lunch on a Saturday (the morning after I got back from my trip to Ulleungdo. I was a zombie) which cost 49,500 won, or about $44. They take online reservations and seem to be a popular spot for wedding parties. Korvia managed to get us a room to ourselves and we ate our fill of food.

I’m not usually a huge fan of buffets, and have been let down time and again in Korea, but I actually liked the food at Dio Dia. They had plenty of options and it all seemed to be good quality. If you want beef there is a line towards the back, get in line and you’ll get fresh meat. They also had sangria on tap, plenty of dessert including a soft serve ice cream and a barista where you could get coffee, patbingsu, or alcoholic drinks. I got a mocha.


It was a nice buffet and it seems like a great choice for groups.  Dio Dia is on the 4th floor in the El tower, outside of Yangjae station exit 9.



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