Banana Tree 바나나트리

Last time I met with some friends one of the places they wanted to go to was Banana tree, but it was too far away and we were all short on time. Before they left I wanted to make sure we could all go together and make a day around it.


Banana Tree is known for its cute puddings called Flower Paap.  They come in a variety of flavors that change depending on season and availability. We got a chocolate banana one, but they also sell blueberry, espresso and strawberry for about 5,500 won.


The cafe was tiny. Like super super tiny. There were a couple outdoor seating tables and then barely enough room for the four of us to sit inside. Who knows what would’ve happened if someone else had tried to come in and order while we were there.


While very cute with little shovels to eat, with it didn’t feel worth it. It reminded me of something I would’ve had as a kid at a restaurant in the states, like dirt pudding. It tasted a little bit like coffee was mixed in even though we didn’t order one with coffee and the fake flowers were a bit less charming in person. But the idea is still cute and after a large lunch splitting one with a friend was perfect. While we were busy trying the small potted pudding one of my friends set about adding art to the walls. The inside of the cafe is filled with yellow sticky notes with notes from guests and art. Maybe if you visit you’ll find the one he added.


Banana tree is open from 11-9 Monday through Friday and 12-8 on Saturday and Sundays.

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