Sajik Observatory 사직공원

Before going to the Asian Culture Center for the Biennale, I took a bus across the river to Sajik Park. I followed my phones directions through Kakao Maps up to the observatory. It included a 11 minute hike uphill which was not fun.


I walked up the middle of the road and then took a seat near the parking lot to rest. When I left I went down the left set of stairs (right side of this photo) and one of the boards was loose so be careful. The sidewalks the rest of the way were fine just be cautious with the wooden stairs that lead into the park.

There are two options to get up to the top of the observatory. You can take the stairs or there’s an elevator at the base.


There were benches all around the top to sit and enjoy the view as well as a little wooden house inside which was a stamp.


The entire observatory was free. This included using the binoculars.


There aren’t many observatories that are free like this and it was quite nice. Worth the 11 minute hike.

There’s also more to do in the park. Plenty of nature to enjoy that’s also free. In the spring, usually in April, the trees tend to be in bloom with cherry blossoms and the city fills the park with lights to enjoy them after dark.


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