Lagniappe 레니엡

While in Bundang running errands one of my friends suggested we go to the book swap she’d heard of at a restaurant nearby. It was being hosted at Lagniappe which specializes in New Orleans style food. Our waitress told us that they were having a special on biscuits and gravy so I ordered that, though their menu is huge and offers a wide variety of delicious sounding foods.


Here’s a view of their menu pages from when I visited.

They weren’t particularly busy while we were there, and my biscuit was delightful. I ended up eating two. We ate upstairs where the book swap was happening. Very soon the organizers of the event showed up and we just sat around looking at the books and talking about books. It was really nice.


If it wasn’t so far away I’d drop off a couple books that I don’t plan to donate to my school library (99% of my books that I finish go to the school library for the next teachers to read, but I have 3 that just aren’t really appropriate or I don’t have book 1 and don’t want to donate only book 2)

So if you’re in the Bundang area or close enough for a visit, I suggest stopping by for the good food, nice staff and the books. Lagniappe is open Tuesday through Sunday (Closed on Mondays) from 11am until 9:30pm (Saturday and Sunday until 10:30pm)


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