Florte 플로르떼

While out with a friend we decided we wanted to go to a cafe, I saw Arielle and instantly gave up on looking on my phone and instead just asked her for her current suggestion. She suggested Florte in Hongdae, a beautiful spring inspired flower cafe. After looking at their Instagram and a couple hundred pretty flower pictures we headed out that way.

A comfy seat for beautiful flower pictures

Florte has some rules, since it’s a popular instagram cafe. You can take pictures as much as you want after you buy a drink. You can only buy one drink per person and only stay up to 2 hours.


While we were there it was pretty popular and there wasn’t a lot of seating available. They do offer outdoor seating but it was too cold. Thankfully a spot opened up and we snagged our table and looked over the menu.

I ordered a flower latte and my friend ordered their lemon grass tea. We also ordered some snacks.  I went for their picturesq butter cream flower cake and my friend asked the staff what they recommended and ordered their tiramisu. She was the smarter of the two. This is one of those cases where you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or buy the prettier thing. The butter cream flower cake, while pretty was extremely dry and tasted like a matcha corn muffin slathered in butter cream frosting which just wasn’t appetizing. The tiramisu on the other hand was creamy and delightful.

Near the entrance of the cafe is a basket full of flower crowns and bouquets you can borrow for your photos. It definetly adds to the fun, to walk around taking pictures in a flower crown.


Also while we were there they were all decorated with photos for the boy band Astro and even giving out cute fans and things to fans. Since I hadn’t heard of them I didn’t take any. But it was nice, and there were a lot of super fans there taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere.

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