Suk Young-Shik Dang 숙영민속식당

Lunch was not on the docket of preplanned things on our tour for Saturday. I’m not sure if other people ate in Jinhae at the festival or if the idea was that people would eat in Gyeongju while biking around, but either way Gina and I headed off on our scooter in search of some pescatarian friendly food. Gina is pescatarian (only meat eaten is seafood) and was very excited for the millions of side dishes (banchan) that can be found in Gyeongju. After searching for places we found 숙영식당, which is a good spot to get traditional Gyeongju food. Not only that but it’s been featured by many travel companies from Lonely Planet to Michelin green. It’s quite popular so we had to wait a bit.

our waiting number

Since we were next to the park we just walked along the cherry blossom lined sidewalk for a bit until it was our turn.  It’s pretty traditional so we followed the English speaking staff to a back room, took off our shoes and then sat on the floor.


Their menu includes English so we didn’t have too much difficulty figuring out what we wanted.  We ordered their Bimbap with barley and vegetable mixture 찰보리밥정식 (10,000won) and added grilled fish (2,000won) 생선추가.  It ended up being too much food.

Our meal, so much banchan!

We were each brought a bowl of veggies and a grilled fish. We had a nice Doenjang-jjigae bubbling in the center and more side dishes (banchan) then we knew what to do with. We did have a moment of concern as the last thing brought out was our rice, but it did eventually come. The entire thing was delicious.

숙영민속식당  is open from 11am until 9pm Wednesday through Monday. (They’re closed on Tuesdays).


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